​Residents of Mandera County must never surrender to fear

We know political elites have failed to keep our county safe. They are good at chest thumping and strategising at downsizing each other politically but none is chest thumping and strategising to keep us safe from sustained terror attacks on our roads.
Political elites in Mandera county live behind fortified walls and several layers of security, and are escorted by armoured chase cars as they move around  so when they say “we feel this attack is the work of local business or political rivalry,” they aren’t talking about themselves – they are talking about the common mwananchi. They want to sow seeds of suspicion between the citizenry so that they can get away with their indecisiveness on the matter and surrender our security. Every time they are needed most, they retreat behind their security and their fortified walls and leave the citizenry to deal with the consequences. 
It is sad that mainstream media in this country has also abandoned the citizenry in the northeast in the face of the continued terror artacks in the region. It is as if they don’t share our experiences, and have no concern for the happenings in the region. As a result, they never get to the truth, and never report on the true picture of the situation. Insecurity in the region only hits the headlines when it is non-locals affected.
The history of insecurity in Mandera county is straightforward. For as long as the attacks appear to advance a cause, be it religious, tribal or political and seem to succeed, they multiply. When they are resisted for long enough, they loose traction and evaporate.
In other words, the biggest lesson for us on what is going on along Laffey-Mandera road is that the only way to defeat these attacks is to resist until they stop.
Today we are silently united, not just in mourning for the victims of the most recent attack in which a local chief and three orhers were killed and in intense feelings of condolences to their families, but also in determination that we will not surrender to fear after these acts of violence.
It natural to react in fear and suggest that we should abandon using the Lafey route at all as many have suggested. This kind of reaction, while it shows powers of empathy and reflects our desire to listen and respond, should not be entertained because it has never worked anywhere before. It will only serve to push agents of insecurity to other areas we move to that we thought they may never reach. 
The best solution to this problem is therefore to make sure that we maintain absolute defiance that this kind of violence will never stop us from using Lafey route, will never make us abandon communities living along this route,and will never be a way to get us to turn against each other. 
Our first line of defence, the only line of defence in response to the attacks along Lafey-Fino-Arabia-Mandera route is to establish a mililitary barracks in the area and tarmac the Elwak-Lafey-Fino-Arabia-Mandera road so that travelling is made faster and planting of IED on the road is made harder.
Development and defiance until they stop is all we have.


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